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Rototranslating table

Innovative range of modular, eco-efficient and high-load capacity rotatraslating tables for high added value machine tool.

Sidepalsa’s rototraslating tables have been designed with the most advanced technology and the highest quality accessories, providing them with total safety in operation.

The range includes rototraslating tables from 1,800 x 1,800 mm. up to 2,000 x 2,500 mm, with linear courses from 1,000 mm. The maximum load on the table is 35 Ton.

It is a development of SIDEPALSA itself and presents the following technological innovations.

  • Modular design of tables and transmissions, with interchangeable actuators between different options.
  • Modular tables, lightened by techniques of topological optimization and by the use of materials of high specific modulus.
  • Transmissions of minimum inertia and minimum energy consumption, based on drives with mechanical preload.
  • Mechanical locking systems with high load capacity, controlled by the CNC (automatic shutdown of the drives).
  • Obtaining structural parts close to the final topology, using “NeartoShape” technologies.